reminder for me

"To my brothers and sisters in Islam, let's get cleaned and cleansed ourselves and enter the Paradise together. inshaAllah :)"

"Be humble, don't be boastful"

"You spend so much time on your face to make it beautiful. Imagine spending that time to beautify your character"

"If people busy themselves with beautifying their outward, busy yourself with beautifying your inward."

"The good you do today people will often forget tomorrow. "Still do good anyway". it's between you & ALLAAH, it's never between you & others"

"Aku mengagumi seorang mukmin. Bila ditimpa musibah dia memuji Allaah & bersabar.(HR. Ahmad dan Abu Dawud)"

Yang melantik diri kita sama ada menjadi ahli syurga atau ahli neraka bukannya orang lain, tapi diri kita sendiri. (Ustaz Wan Yusuf)

all quotes from Quranhadith